Mozart’s forte in the fortress

If you’re going to go out on a limb, it can help to have someone you know and whom you trust in the vicinity.

By definition, any work of art must incorporate some risk-taking. By creating something, you are venturing into areas unknown. But Daniel Cohen has absolutely no qualms about going along with Itai Tiran for the ride. The escapade in question is a new production of Mozart’s everpopular opera The Marriage of Figaro, which will be performed in the courtyard of the Acre Fortress on September 10 as part of the three-day Israeli Opera Festival, with Cohen on the conductor’s dais. His longtime pal Tiran fills the director’s role. In fact, this is Tiran’s debut in the slot.

“We started working together seven years ago,” says 31-year-old Cohen, adding that their friendship and professional ties were sparked by a shared loved of English literature.


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