Mr. Bar-Lev goes to Washington

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have said that the fight against the world powers’ agreement with Iran is not over yet, but MK Omer Bar-Lev (Zionist Union) thinks it’s a done deal and Israel must work on protecting itself from new threats.

Bar-Lev headed to Washington D.C. Monday night to present his ambivalent, but nuanced view on the Iran deal to Rob Malley, head of the Middle East desk at the US National Security Council, 15 members of Congress, and at a press briefing, right after Deputy Defense Minister Eli-Ben Dahan returned from a US campus tour to make the case against the agreement.

J Street, which organized the Zionist Union MK’s trip, said a previous delegation it brought to the US in the summer "shared their sense of how and why upholding the deal will make Israel safer," but Bar-Lev, former commander of Sayeret Matkal, only partly falls in line with that stance.


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