Municipality apologizes to Oren for misquoting him on Obama’s ‘radical Islamic values’

The Beersheba municipality on Saturday apologized to Kulanu MK Michael Oren for a press release that misquoted the former ambassador to Washington as saying that US President Barack Obama espoused "radical Islamic values."

Oren, a critic of the Obama administration and its policies toward Israel, was a panelist at a town hall meeting organized by the Beersheba municipality on Saturday.

"The spokesman of the Beersheba municipality wants to clarify and apologize for falsely quoting MK Michael Oren, who spoke at a cultural event in the city today, saying that President Obama introduced radical Muslim values into the White House," the municipality said in a statement. "MK Oren never said such a thing nor suggested one. We apologize for the false quote and for the distress caused to MK Oren."


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