Music from across the sea

Tel Aviv will rock, roll and groove to the intoxicating sounds of Israeli-Turkish music of the highest energy order on March 9 to 12. The initial Sound Ports Festival features a host of top stars from Israel and Turkey, such as the sultry-voiced painter turned singer Gaye Su Akyol.

Akyol is a pertinent case in point and reflects the culture of a country that geographically and culturally straddles East and West. She recently released her debut album, Develerle Yasiyorum (I Live with a Camel.) There is a solid rock music substratum to her output, but her voice and inflection clearly come straight out of her national roots. Her gig at the festival will take place at the Einav Center on March 9 (10 p.m.), with singersongwriter Noga Erez opening.


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