Netanyahu brushes off allegations against wife Sara as left-wing media attack

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded Monday to leaked testimony given by two former employees of the Prime Minister’s Residence which claimed that Sara Netanyahu verbally abused the workers and had issues with alcohol consumption and brushed off the allegations as a media attack on his family before the upcoming elections. “The media’s attack on my wife Sara is another low in relations with the heads of the Israeli media who are using all means to hurt me

and my political path,” said Netanyau. According to the prime minister, the “Just Not Bibi” campaign has turned into the “Just Not Sara” campaign in order to “slander, accuse, attack and bring down the Likud’s reign under my leadership and pave the way for the left.” Netanyahu added: “Whoever wants to attack our country in this pointed manner is invited to – but leave my family alone.” Former workers of the Prime Minister’s Residence Guy Eliyahu and Meni Naftali claim their rights as a workers were abused during their time as workers for the official Prime Minister’s Residence. They also claim that Netanyahu’s wife Sara verbally abused them.



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