Netanyahu has ministers race against the clock

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu brought a surprise prop with him to the government's Cabinet meeting on Sunday – a stopwatch. 

According to Channel 2, Netanyahu placed the computerized stopwatch in the center of the table and pressed it every time one of the ministers began to speak. 

Each minister was allotted a brief three minutes to voice his or her opinion. 

The purpose of the stopwatch – which the Prime Minister vowed to make a regular occurrence – was to cut down the lengthy weekly meetings; Sunday's meeting lasted a concise one hour.  

But Netanyahu did not stop there. He also reportedly ordered cabinet secretary Avichai Mandelblit to install monitors in the Cabinet room, enabling ministers to view in real time the amount of seconds left for them to speak. 

Israel's ministers were, however, not impressed. 

Several have criticized the move, charging that Netanyahu is often late to Cabinet and Likud faction meetings, despite demanding strict punctuality from others. 


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