Netanyahu: I Respect Obama

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu went to the Western Wall Saturday evening for a moment of meditation ahead of his trip to Washington.

"On the eve of my flight to the United States, I wanted to come here, to the Western Wall,” he said to reporters at the Wall. “I want to take this opportunity to say that I respect the President of the United States, Barack Obama. I believe in the power of the relationship between Israel and the US, and their ability to overpower the differences – those that we have had and those that, one imagines, are stilll to come.”

"As the prime minister of Israel,” he said, “it is my duty to safeguard the security of Israel, and that is why we strenuously oppose the deal that is forming between Iran and the powers, which can endanger our very existence. In the face of an agreement like this, we must unite and explain the dangers that stem from such an agreement, to Israel, to the region, and to the entire world.”

A video posted by Netanyahu earlier points to the fact that Israel launched the Six Day War despite the opposition of the US. The text accompanying it, Netanyahu says: "In matters that endanger our very existence as a nation and as a state, the prime minister must make a stand to defend the security of Israel's citizens. Even if it entails differences with the White House – that we will know how to overcome, as we did in the past.”


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