Netanyahu: I’m working ‘around the clock’ against terror

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened the Likud faction meeting on Monday in staunch defense of Israel's security forces following criticism over its handling of Friday's deadly shooting attack in Tel Aviv. 

He urged full backing be given to the Israel Police and the Israel Security Agency as they attempt to catch the terrorist behind the shooting. 

"They are working around the clock," Netanyahu stressed. "By the way, I too am working around the clock. When things are tough, we don't get tired, we work harder. And when things are tough, we don't go to sleep."

Netanyahu's remarks come after attacks from both opposition chairman Yitzhak Herzog and Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman about the government's response to terror. 

In a tweet on Monday, Herzog asserted, "Bibi is tired. He looks drained and exhausted. Every citizen feels this and is experiencing great fear. Fear. The magic show of "Mr. Security" has ended. Soon, he'll be a citizen and have plenty of time to sleep."

Liberman, meanwhile, suggested the public had lost confidence in Netanyahu's government. 

"The State of Israel needs a change in policy, which as of now is simply containing the terror," Liberman argued. We need to defeat it. Not to wait for victims and then respond."

"Without a policy change, nothing can be done," he charged. "The government is not prepared or mentally ready. This terror wave has overwhelmed it and I want to note it has lasted over three months. The government should draw conclusions and pass the reins to someone else."


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