Netanyahu Puzzled Over UNGA Links Between Syria, Iran

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu expressed disappointment with the speeches made by world leaders so far at the UN General Assembly in New York, which have not included condemnations of Iran's aggression against other countries in the Middle East – particularly Israel. 

In his view, leaders are presenting the wrong image in relation to the Iranian nuclear issue, he said in comments to reporters on Wednesday.

He added that it is clear that Israel is not alone it its fight against the regime in Tehran, and that there is co-operation of other countries in the region surrounding the issue.

Netanyahu, who landed Wednesday morning in New York, also expressed puzzlement over the connection leaders have made between the Iran deal and the Syrian civil war. 

Several leaders have held up the Iran deal in their UNGA speeches as a victory for modern diplomacy – and then extended that to put pressure on the sides of the Syrian conflict and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to make their own deals – but Netanyahu pointed out that Iran itself has a conflict of interest in the war. 

"The Assad regime does not take exist without Iran, and is alive only because of Iran," Netanyahu said, adding that Iranian cooperation with Hezbollah is aiding the Assad regime, aided by reinforcements sent by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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