Netanyahu to Rebut Abbas in ‘Decisive’ UN Speech

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu condemned Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday after the latter announced at the UN headquarters in New York that he is abandoning the 1994 Oslo Accords – but that's just the start of Netanyahu's response.

It has been made known to Arutz Sheva that sources close to Netanyahu say he will use his own speech at the UN headquarters on Thursday to decisively attack Abbas's speech directly, exposing what the sources call the lies and incitement in Abbas's address.

Netanyahu's speech will also attack international hypocrisy in the treatment of Israel, according to the sources.

Likewise he will clarify Israel's policy following the controversial nuclear deal with Iran, and vis-a-vis the volatile situation being created in Syria, where Russia launched its first airstrikes on Wednesday against rebel forces.

While in New York, Netanyahu is expected to meet with Jewish community leaders, as well as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Just minutes after Abbas's bombshell UN speech on Wednesday, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flag was raised at the UN headquarters for the first time ever.

The ceremony was made ironic by the fact that the PLO had its status as an internationally recognized terrorist organization removed in the Oslo Accords – the same Accords that Abbas had just minutes earlier cancelled.


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