Netanyahu to Tell UN: Enough Muslim Incitement over Temple Mount

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will leave for the U.S. on Tuesday, in advance of his expected appearance at the United Nations General Assembly Thursday. In his speech, Netanyahu is expected to discuss the dangers of the U.S.-Iran detente and the agreement between Tehran and Western powers that allows Iran to develop its nuclear program.

Netanyahu, sources close to the Prime Minister said, is expected to present the misgivings Israelis have over the agreement, and to tell the international community what Israel expects in the wake of the agreement. Netanyahu is still said to be working on the speech, which, the sources said, would be “very powerful.”

Netanyahu is also expected to demand that the Palestinian Authority cease its incitement against Israel, and especially the “lies the PA is spreading about Israeli intentions on the Temple Mount,” the sources said.

Netanyahu is expected to meet with Jewish community leaders, as well as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

Earlier Monday, U.S. President Barack H. Obama spoke at the General Assembly, telling the plenum that the U.S. was prepared to work with Russia and Iran to resolve conflicts in Syria and Ukraine.

Noticeably absent, said commentators on Israel TV, was any mention of the Middle East conflict, leading the commentators to describe the question of the establishment of a Palestinian state as “a moot point that no longer interests the world. Unless some major crisis occurs,” said Channel One's Gil Tamari, “the world powers have decided that they have had enough of our conflict, and are happy to let us stew in our own juices.”


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