Netanyahu Vows ‘Strong Hand’ Following Fatal Rock Attack

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has vowed to make a harsh policy change against rock-throwing and firebombing, his office announced on Tuesday following a rise in violent rioting in eastern Jerusalem.

In addition to continues clashes against security forces on the Temple Mount, Alexander Leiblovitch of Jerusalem was killed over Rosh Hashanah after his car spiralled out of control after being hit by rocks. 

At a meeting of the security cabinet to be held on Tuesday night, the Prime Minister will endorse taking all possible measures and actions to restore peace to Jerusalem and it surroundings. 

"An additional tool – to quickly promote legislation determining a minimum sentence for those who endanger human lives: via rock-throwing, firebombing, and other explosives," his office said. 

"Operational and judicial action is needed to enhance deterrence. We will aggressively fight those trying to disrupt the status quo on the Templen Mount," it added.

Former justice minister and MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union) also responded to the attack which resulted in Leiblovitch's death, offering condolences to the 64-year-old's family.

"The terrible scenes of rock-throwing as seen in Jerusalem over the holiday have become a phenomenon that must be stopped," she asserted. "We must act against rock terror, as against all terror, with a strong and uncompromising hand."

"As justice minister, I initiated legislation for stricter punishments and other laws to combat terrorism," Livni added. "Enforcing law and order, particularly in the capital Jerusalem, is critical."


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