Netanyahu’s Bureau: ‘Stop Irresponsible Talk’

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's bureau responded Sunday evening to statements made by former prime minister and defense minister Ehud Barak, regarding missed opportunities to strike Iran's nuclear program, and Netanyahu's character.

“It is time to stop the irresponsible talk about matters that are connected with state security,” said the bureau. “Netanyahu continues to act aggressively for the security of Israel, with determination and decisiveness.”

Barak set off a firestorm over the weekend when Channel 2 broadcasted recordings of him saying that Israel had three times been on the verge of attacking Iran only to cancel its plans due to either opposition in the cabinet or alleged IDF unpreparedness.

More Barak comments surfaced Sunday.

In the recordings, Barak said – when asked about Prime Minister Binyamin Netayanhu's decision to appoint Major General Avihai Mandelblit as Government Secretary, against Barak's advice – that “Bibi is weak, he doesn't… he doesn't want to take tough steps if he is not forced to.”

Barak also analyzed Netanyahu's personality and said: “Bibi himself lives inside a cloud of deep pessimism and has a tendency… in the balance between fear and hope he prefers, usually, to be afraid; he once called it 'worried.'”


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