Netanyahu’s No. 2: New government’s basic character prevented me from joining

MK Gilad Erdan, number two on the Likud party list, took to his Facebook page on Friday morning to clarify his decision to remain outside of Benjamin Netanyahu’s fourth government. Erdan stated that the very character of the government is what made him chose not to join.

"I had hoped to continue to serve you properly in this government," wrote the former Interior and Communication Minister, "However, unfortunately, the proposal presented to me by the Prime Minister did not give me the necessary tools to impact the real change we need in the Ministry of the Interior."

Erdan explained that his childhood dream had been to serve the State of Israel and that his place in government was to serve the best interests of the public, Maariv reported.  "I thank you for the confidence you have placed in me. I promise to continue to serve you faithfully as a member of Knesset from the front row. I know that job," he said. 


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