New Canadian Bill Gives Freer Hand to Fight Terror

Canada took a new step in raising its abilities to combat the rising global trend of Islamic terrorism, preparing a new bill for the parliament that would grant expanded authority to security forces and intelligence in confronting home-grown terrorism.

According to the new bill, security sources would be able to arrest terror suspects based on information indicating their possible intentions to conduct attacks, without having to first prove that the suspect was definitely about to commit a terror attack.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) will – thanks to the new law if it passes – be able to combat the terror recruitment occurring on internet social networks, and remove messages encouraging or supporting terror.

Canada was the target of joint attacks last October, when a soldier was murdered by a Muslim convert who ran him and another soldier over with his car, and days later another soldier was shot to death outside of the Canadian parliament.

Likewise two terror attacks that potentially could have left hundreds of Canadians dead were foiled last year.

The harsh line against terror that the Canadian government has been pursuing has been encouraged by the fact that hundreds of Canadians have joined terrorist organizations such as Islamic State (ISIS) and the Al-Qaeda linked Nusra Front.

Just this Tuesday Canadian police nabbed a network recruiting for ISIS, indoctrinating Canadians to fight in Syria and Iraq, and potentially return afterwards to commit terror in Canada.


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