New documentary depicts Czech statesman Vaclav Havel’s celebration of freedom

‘Vaclav Havel is my hero, and I wanted to tell people about him,” says Czech-born French film director Andrea Sedlackova, speaking of her newest documentary, Vaclav Havel – Living in Freedom. “Havel was a fighter, he lived up to his beliefs and principles and was eager to pay a heavy price, spending years in prison. But by his entire life he proved that in the long run the truth emerges [victorious].”

The documentary was screened during a festive evening last Monday at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the signing of the protocol on the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the Czech Republic and Israel. A friend of Israel, Havel opposed the sale of weapons to regimes hostile to our country and always spoke forcefully against anti-Semitism in Europe and in the world.


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