New Police Chief Launches Plan to Reform the Force

New police chief Roni Alsheich, who was officially appointed earlier this month, has begun his work in trying to reform the Israel police.

Alsheich has entered his new position at a time when public confidence in the police is reportedly on the rise due to their fight against Arab terrorists, and he is interested in using that wave of support to improve practices within the force.

Army Radio revealed that Alsheich is seeking to change the organizational structure of the police by appointing two deputy police chiefs and thereby splitting the role.

According to the report by senior police correspondent Hadas Shteif, one deputy police chief will focus on operational matters related to missions, while the other deputy chief will be more managerial in nature, responsible for the work at police headquarters.

"Appointing two deputies to the police chief, with a wide cushion of authorities, will allow the new police chief to focus in on important matters," explained sources familiar with details of the new move.

"As the head of an organization he can be free for strategy, and not deal with putting out fires. That will make it easier for him to manage the process of changing norms in the organization, as the Internal Security Minister intended."

The sources added that "Alsheich who came (to the police) from the outside can see better what needs to be changed and how. He isn't limited by the old templates, and is to make a bevy of new appointments. It's possible he will cut down on (police) major generals."

Alsheich, 52, previously lived in the Binyamin region of Samaria, and in Judea. He was deputy head of the Israel Security Agency (ISA), has been deeply involved in the ISA's war on terror, and is considered a "mastermind" of the organization's counter-terrorism strategy. During his IDF service, he served in the Paratroopers' Brigade and commanded several units. 


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