New Terror Bill Would Hinder Shalit-Type Mass Releases

The Ministerial Committee on Legislation is to discuss a new, comprehensive government bill regarding terror, on Monday. The bill will largely replace emergency measures that have been in force since the time of the pre-state British Mandate.

According to Yedioth Aharonoth, the bill includes over 100 sections, which specify punishments for a wide variety of terror activities, including the providing of technical assistance to terror organization. In addition, bodies that serve as fronts for laundering and transferring funds, like the charities that Hamas works with, will be open to prosecution.

Publication of praise for a terror organization and words of identification with it will also become offenses, as will passive membership in a terror group.

The law will reportedly make it impossible to release very large numbers of terrorists in deals like the Shalit deal – which saw over 1,000 terrorists released – because it will make it impossible to delimit a life sentence before 15 years have been served.

In Israeli law, a life sentence handed down by a court is unlimited in time, but parole committees usually proceed to delimit it – usually to 24 years. The new law, if passed, would not allow this to happen before 15 years have been served, thus lowering the number of terrorists who can be freed at any given time.

According to Attorney Raz Nizri of the State Attorney's Office, many of the bill's sections will simply replace sections that already exist in various laws and temporary orders, and place them all under one legal roof. The bill will make it possible to cancel 78 sections of the British-era Emergency Measures, but other Emergency Measures sections – like the one on censorship – will remain in place.


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