Newly planted orchards in Israel are on the decline, study finds

This past year saw a decrease in the number of new orchards planted in Israel, according to a Central Bureau of Statistics report released Monday.

The report, released ahead of Tu B’Shvat indicated that there was a 24% decline in the number of new orchards planted in 2014 compared to 2013 and a 45% decline compared to 2012.  Only 18,255 new orchards were planted this past year, compared to 23,914 in 2013 and 33,023 in 2012.

Of the orchards planted, there was a decline of 85% from the previous year for nectarines and peaches, a 79% decline for pears, and a 14% decline for citrus fruits.  In contrast however, there was a 25% increase in grapes, an eight percent increase in almond orchards and a 6.5% increase in olives.


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