Night at the library

There are certain spaces that we only enter at certain times of the day. To see a nightclub in daylight is truly frightening. To roam through a shopping mall in the dead of night would be awfully odd. This week, the Jerusalem Season of Culture is inviting us to Night Story, an event which will allow audiences a rare glance at a familiar space: the library.

The program is part of a larger initiative, called the In House Festival, in which artists and audiences will meet in Jerusalem homes. Night Story will take place on Wednesday and Thursday night.

“Night Story is an event that brings together a bunch of different types of performance in the library of the Gerard Behar Center in Jerusalem. The audience will wander around and see storytellers, musicians and us,” says Daniella Bloch over the phone. The founder and artistic director of the all-female Nehara Dance Group, Bloch is thrilled to present her company via this platform.


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