Nobel Peace Prize committee says ex-insider violated trust

The committee that awards the Nobel Peace Prize accused its former secretary on Monday of a breach of trust for publishing a book that gives behind-the-scenes details of recent awards, including the one given to U.S. President Barack Obama in 2009. Geir Lundestad’s book, “Secretary of Peace”, also describes personalities who decided the prize during his time as director of the Nobel Institute from 1990-2015. He attended meetings of the five-strong committee but did not have a vote. “Lundestad has on several points broken his promise of confidentiality,” the five-member committee said in a statement about the book, published on Friday. It said committee discussions are meant to be secret for 50 years. It said Lundestad had wrongly included “descriptions of people and processes in the committee” in his book, despite a confidentiality agreement signed in 2014. The statement did not threaten any form of sanctions.



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