Normal life is Zionist goal, Edelstein says at WZO Congress

Establishment of a sense of normality in the State of Israel is a key goal of the Zionist dream, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein said Tuesday night at the Gala Opening of the 37th World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem.

“The essence of having a routine life – of children going to schools, parents going to work, youth and adults enjoying leisure activities – the existence of the heartbeat of normal, natural life, is also, and perhaps, an essential and inseparable part of Zionism in our times,” Edelstein told the gathered delegates and Congress participants.

“We are in tense times right now, in which despicable terrorists are raising their heads and slaughtering innocent people, including the elderly and young. We have known harder times, though, and what has strengthened us was two pillars: our common fate and destiny; and the strong feeling of togetherness that beats within us, always.


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