Numerous planned attacks on Har Bracha, including kidnappings

A joint operation between the IDF, the Israel Security Agency (ISA, also known as the Shin Bet or Shabak) and Israel police led to the arrest of the two terrorists responsible for a stabbing attack near Har Bracha last month.

The attack left two soldiers wounded, one lightly and one moderately.

The forces arrested a number of suspects, two of whom confessed to the attack. The pair, both 15 years old, admitted to stabbing the soldiers in order to die a "holy death."

In addition, several other suspects also admitted to planning attacks on the community. Saed Husam Ahad Pakia, who is identified with the PFLP terror group, said that he and a friend intended to kidnap a Har Bracha resident in order to force Israel to release Palestinian prisoners.

As part of his preparation Pakia set up a hiding place, complete with holding devices. He also planned to stab a soldier and steal his weapon.

Pakia's partner, Malak Fatah Ismail Kados, belongs to Hamas. He told investigators that he planned several attacks against soldiers, including shooting and stabbings.

Two other minors 

Military prosecutors will take the files of all those involved in planning and perpetrating terror attacks over the next few days, in order to put together charges.


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