NYC teacher fined $300 for showing students beheading video

A New York City middle school teacher was fined $300 for showing students a video of an Islamic State beheading, according to a published report. The New York Post reports that Alexiss Nazario, a veteran teacher earning $105,000 a year, showed the video to eighth-graders at the South

Bronx Academy for Applied Media during the 2014-2015 school year. Students told investigators probing the incident that the video blacked out the actual beheading but showed the victim’s severed head afterward. City Department of Education officials sought to fire Nazario, but an arbitrator ruled in favor of the lighter penalty of a $300 fine. Nazario now works as a roving substitute teacher at different schools, officials said. She told the Post she accidentally played the wrong video. “I was scrolling looking for a specific video. I clicked on the wrong thing. It was a mistake. It was an error,” Nazario said. “I freaked out. I had no idea that was playing.”



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