Obama: Nuclear Deal Doesn’t Mean We Let Iran off the Hook

US President Barack Obama has insisted the recent deal with Iran over its nuclear program has not let Tehran "off the hook" over its continued support of global terrorism, or for the US citizens it still holds captive.

Speaking as criticism of the deal continues to resonate throughout the world, Obama told attendants at the annual conference of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Pittsburgh that "even with this deal we'll continue to have serious differences with the Iranian government."

Citing Iran's "support for terrorism, and proxies which destabilize the region" he insisted sanctions over Iran's support for terrorism would remain in place despite the deal. "We can't let them off the hook," Obama said.

Despite that pledge, all major sanctions on Iran – imposed over its illegal nuclear program – will be lifted according to the deal signed earlier this month in Vienna. Israel and other critics have noted that will leave the Islamic Republic's coffers flush with billions of dollars to funnel to its terrorist proxies throughout the Middle East.

Obama also vowed to "stand with allies and partners, including Israel, to oppose Iran's dangerous behavior."

The US President further said his administration had not given up on several US citizens imprisoned in Iranian jails for political or religious crimes

"These Americans need to be back home with their families," he said.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/198439

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