Of davening and diplomats

Congregants at Jerusalem’s Hatzvi Yisrael Synagogue are used to seeing President Reuven Rivlin in their midst. When he attends services, anyone in the men’s section of the synagogue can approach him to shake his hand and exchange a few words.

Thus, when the synagogue’s spiritual leader, Rabbi Avigdor Burstein, was walking with his grandson past the President’s Residence, the boy wanted to go inside to wish the president a happy New Year. Burstein explained that people can’t just walk into the President’s Residence when they feel like it. They need to get permission and to make an appointment.

“But we don’t need permission to talk to him when he comes to the synagogue,” protested the boy.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Of-davening-and-diplomats-417817

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