Officer Indicted for Passing Data on Civilians to Criminal

The State Attorney's Office unit tasked with investigating police officers has submitted an indictment to the Magistrate's Court in Haifa against officer David Yehiel.

Yehiel, a 48-year-old from Akko (Acre), was indicted for fraud and breach of trust, as well as breach of secrecy.

The officer served as an officer in the operation report center of the coastal district, and had access to various police data systems.

On several occasions, according to the indictment, Yehiel passed private information on civilians including pictures of them to a convicted criminal, after the criminal requested the information.

Yehiel was charged in the indictment with breaching trust in a manner that harms the public while fulfilling his duty.

He was also accused with revealing information he had received in the course of his position, and which he did not need to obtain in order to carry out his duties.


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