Officials: Foreign Ministry Powers too Fragmented

As Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu aimed to please various members of his ruling Likud, he divvied up various responsibilities in the Foreign Ministry – a move that could have dangerous implications, senior officials warned Monday night. 

While splitting powers within the Foreign Ministry is not an unprecedented action, a Channel 10 report asserted that the present government has taken this measure to an extreme level of fragmentation. 

Two senior Likudniks were granted major powers within the Foreign Ministry realm, with Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz also holding the intelligence portfolio and Interior Minister Silvan Shalom in charge of international negotiations.

Additionally, newly minted Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan will take the strategic affairs portfolio, while Tzipi Hotovely has been appointed Deputy Foreign Minister, with Netanyahu maintaining control of the ministry for himself. 

Foreign Ministry officials have argued the fragmented situation will do nothing to enable Israel to present the world with a clear and coherent strategy regarding security and foreign affairs, nor fight global delegitimization of the Jewish state. 

Mostly, the officials argue, because the international community and Israeli consulates worldwide will have no idea who in Israel to turn to to discuss such issues. 

The result of expropriating various authorities of the Foreign Ministry, officials say, will, while "avoiding hurting the egos" of ministers, still cause a serious blow to Israel's capabilities. 


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