Once-in-a-decade heat due Wednesday

Exceptionally high temperatures and aridity will hit Israel on Wednesday. Some areas near the coast are expected to see temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius, nearing the record highs for these regions.

The good news is that this sharav will be relatively short, and on Thursday temperatures will plummet by some 14 to 16 degrees.

Southern winds are bringing hot air in from the direction of Egypt and will lead to an extremely heavy sharav in the coastal region. Temperatures may reach 41 to 43 degrees in the entire region, where the historic high temperature has been 44 to 45 degrees. This will be the second time in two weeks that temperatures near the coast have crossed the 40-degree mark – and this is a rare occurrence, averaging about once a decade.

The highest temperatures in Israel will be in the area of the Jordan Valley and the Arava in the south, with the mercury hitting 44 to 46 Celsius – though these regions have seen higher temperatures in the past. In 1942 the hottest temperature ever in Israel was recorded in the Jordan Valley: 54 degrees, and that happened in June.

The extremely low humidity – less than 20 percent relative humidity in most areas – will make the heat even more unbearable. This will make spending time outdoors, and especially physical activity outside, quite dangerous, especially for those with delicate health.

The afternoon hours may see hazy skies, especially in the south. On Thursday cooler air will blow in from the Mediterranean Sea, bringing with it a steep drop in temperatures, first along the coast and later farther inland. Friday and Saturday will see a further significant cooling off, and may even become unseasonably cool.

Source: http://www.haaretz.com/news/israel/1.658227

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