One wounded in attack on Binyamin region community

Two terrorists broke into the community of Eli, located in the Mateh Binyamin region, early Wednesday morning, where they attacked one of the local residents with a knife and clubs before fleeing the scene.

The lightly wounded man was evacuated to the Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem with cuts in the head.

Security forces who were called to the scene located the two terrorists a short time later and killed them. Forces then conducted large searches to make sure no additional terrorists were present.

The resident who was attacked described what happened and said: "Two Arabs were waiting outside the door. When I opened the door they burst in with wooden clubs and broke in. I was able to push them out and lock the door."

The man was praised by a spokeswoman for Eli, who said he averted a greater disaster by pushing the terrorists out and preventing them from harming his family.

"The family was saved from disaster today, there was a great miracle here, the husband's resourcefulness saved his wife and five children," said the spokesperson.



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