One wounded in stabbing attack north of Jerusalem

An Arab terrorist conducted a stabbing attack in Sha'ar Binyamin, to the north of Jerusalem. The attack took place outside a chain of the Rami Levy supermarket.

One victim in his 40s was seriously wounded in the attack after being stabbed in the upper body, and the terrorist succeeded in fleeing the scene.

Large IDF forces were dispatched to the scene and began a pursuit after the terrorist.

The stabbing took place just minutes before an Arab terrorist tried to run over IDF soldiers near Halhoul north of Hevron in Judea. The female terrorist was shot dead before being able to inflict any injuries.

The attack is in fact the second to take place at a Rami Levy chain in as many weeks.

Just last Wednesday a woman in her 40s was stabbed in the back by an Arab terrorist in the parking lot of a Rami Levy store at Gush Etzion Junction in Judea.

Miraculously the knife just missed her spinal cord and vital organs by centimeters, and despite being moderately wounded she has recovered from the attack.

Just two weeks prior to that attack Rami Levy decided to remove knives from the shelves of his store branches in an effort to avoid stabbings.

The store has been sharply criticized for employing Palestinians, particularly after an Arab terrorist stabbed two Jewish shoppers at a Rami Levy branch in Mishor Adumim to the east of Jerusalem last December. The terrorist apparently was aided by an Arab employee who gave him the knife he used to moderately wound the two.


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