Original Smurf illustrator loses home in Jerusalem area forest fire

Yochanan and Barbara Boterberg, Christian artists and musicians who have lived in Israel for over 20 years, said on Tuesday that they have lost their home and possessions in Sunday’s massive brush fire that swept through the village of Even Sapir, on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

The couple, both in their 60’s, lived on land owned by the Franciscan Monastery since 1994, and had to evacuate their modest home – along with 700 other residents from the small hamlet – when flames got perilously close.

It took over 50 firefighting crews and eight airplanes hours to contain the blaze, which destroyed several other homes and buildings. Fire officials have since launched an investigation into the possibility of arson.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Original-Smurf-illustrator-loses-home-in-Jerusalem-area-forest-fire-411122

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