Orthodox woman appointed to serve as communal spiritual leader in Efrat

The settlement of Efrat will soon have a new Orthodox religious leader to turn to for questions pertaining to religious life and Jewish law, and she is a woman.

In what is perhaps the first appointment of its kind in Israel in the Orthodox world, Dr. Jennie Rosenfeld was recently selected by Efrat’s municpal chief rabbi Shlomo Riskin to serve as a communal spiritual leader for Efrat’s residents who will be able to approach her with questions concerning Jewish law and ask for advice on matters of religious life.

The notion of women in Orthodox Judaism acting as spiritual leaders, and more particularly issuing halachic decisions, is a very new development and is not widely accepted, especially within the haredi community as well as parts of the national-religious sector.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Orthodox-woman-appointed-to-serve-as-communal-spiritual-leader-in-Efrat-388145

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