Our Soldiers and Our Future

Jews the world over prayed for the success of the IDF soldiers who fought bravely for the defense "of our people and the cities of our God" (The Book of Maccabees).

The courage of the soldiers who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their nation and homeland is immeasurable.

Unfortunately, these young men are expected to fix the mistakes of all the Israeli governments since Oslo.

We Told You So – The Israeli Right's Recap

We said that as a result of the Oslo Accords missiles would be fired on us, and they mocked us, claiming we were terrifying the public.

We warned that retreating from Gush Katif would strengthen our enemies, but government and defense officials responded that, on the contrary – withdrawal would increase security.

We cautioned that without Israeli control over Gaza it would be stockpiled with weapons and missiles directed at us, and they said there were agreements with the Palestinians and Egyptians that only rifles for the purpose of policing would enter Gaza.

We warned that withdrawal would weaken our right to the Land and the world's claims against us would increase, and they, in their delusions, painted a rosy future according to which, after the recognition of the PLO and the withdrawals, the entire world would recognize our right to exist in Israel. Currently, our international status is far worse than before – even the US government makes demands on us that they never would have dreamed of in the past, incitement and anti-Semitism have increased immeasurably throughout the entire world and even within the State of Israel (listen to the Arab MK's).

We said that withdrawing from Gaza would bring Hamas to power and that when we would be forced to fight them after the withdrawal, the war would be much more difficult. They claimed that, on the contrary, if after withdrawal the Arabs opened fire on us, we would then be free to strike them relentlessly.

We asked: "But what if they shoot missiles from civilian homes?" They responded: "First of all, they do not have missiles. Secondly, if they do fire a missile, we'll destroy the houses from which they are fired, with all their inhabitants. "

And they shot missiles, but we did not immediately respond by bombing them, out of fear that civilian inhabitants would be injured. As a result, we put our own soldiers' lives in danger.

All these misguided and misleading people – leaders, experts, and pundits – must now ask forgiveness from the Jewish nation, and leave the public scene for people more competent than themselves.

Hopes for Improving Leadership

In a gradual and exhaustive process, the supporters of Oslo and the "Disengagement" are finally leaving the stage. They aren’t apologizing, but at least, to our relief, they are vacating the arena. The Knesset Speaker and the incoming President are already people who opposed the Oslo Accords and the destruction of Gush Katif. The Minister of Defense objected to the destruction of Gush Katif. Many Likud and Yisrael Beytenu ministers opposed the Oslo Accords and the withdrawal from Gaza.

Prime Minister Netanyahu did indeed object to Oslo, and in the final stages he also opposed the destruction of Gush Katif, but in recent years, he announced his support for a softer version of a Palestinian Arab state. This endangers the State of Israel, and hinders the potential of explaining our right to the Land of Israel.

Minister of Justice Livni proudly led the destruction of Gush Katif, and to this day, has not apologized or asked for forgiveness. Livni, however, may not be elected to the next Knesset

The Yesh Atid Party headed by Minister Yair Lapid, which has turned out to be much further left than it presented itself to be before the last elections, is expected to lose much of its popularity in the next ones.

Still, the question remains – who will replace them? Will their replacements repeat all the same mistakes?  Or will the Prime Minister draw the appropriate conclusions from the Gaza War, and lead the people of Israel in the expansion of settlement throughout the entire country, the deepening of Jewish identity, and in making the situation clear to the Arab population?

The Media

Try to find, on Israel’s public radio station Kol Yisrael (Voice of Israel), an interviewer who asks Oslo supporters tough questions – or those who trust in the religion of peace and the advocates of “two states for two peoples”.  Try to hear them ask how we got into this situation – that is, how, within the span of twenty-five years, did we go from a situation where Jewish mothers, along with their children, could buy vegetables in the marketplaces of Gaza, Shechem (Nablus), and Qalqiliya, to having these areas turned into nests of murder, terror, and anti-Semitic propaganda, unparalleled since the Nazis?

You will not hear the interviewers at Kol Yisrael ask those questions. All their chutzpa is directed towards people who believe in Greater Israel, rabbis, and those who support family values and the Sabbath; they have no questions for the peace worshippers who have entangled the State of Israel up to its neck.

Kol Yisrael should have been closed down a long time ago. Even when they talk about soldiers who fell in their battle for the defense of our people and the Jewish state, they are unable to hide their leftist views.

The time has come to allow Arutz 10 (Channel 10) to fold. Its debts have been waived countless times. If its anchormen are obliged to express leftist positions – let them do it at their own expense. It’s time to close down Galei Tzahal (Army radio) as well. Without German financing, the Haaretz newspaper would have been closed down long ago.

Those Who Endanger the Lives of Our Soldiers

We have heard leaders and commanders boasting that pilots and soldiers refrained from attacking terrorists situated in the vicinity of civilians. At least we did not hear a Machat (Brigade Commander) say publicly that he would prefer his soldiers get killed rather than harm the women of the enemy, as was the case in Operation Defensive Shield in the Jenin refugee camp (where 13 of our fighters were killed).

Nevertheless, we are still far from acting appropriately from a Jewish, ethical standpoint and still not acting in the way needed to achieve victory. The correct moral position is that in time of war, the enemy is hit together with the civilians alongside him. War is not created by individuals. The ability to accumulate weapons, coordinate an army and seize power requires broad public mobilization. Therefore, the public that brought Hamas to power with a huge majority bears full responsibility for its actions, especially since Gazans are so jubilant about every one of our soldiers who is killed or kidnapped.

This was also agreed upon by the UN in the Fourth Geneva Convention (1949), namely, that when fighters are hiding among civilians, and there is no other option, it is permissible to attack them while the civilians are there.

Winning the War

It’s difficult to beat Hamas. As long as they remain in power – they win, even if we kill thousands of combatants and destroy thousands of homes. The worse the situation is in Gaza, the more they gain. Arab and Western countries will provide financial assistance to rebuild their homes, of which a significant part will unquestionably go to obtain additional weaponry. A large part of the money will slip into the pockets of the leaders of the organization, those who hid like the cowards they are, while the people suffered.

There is no doubt that in the Oslo Accords and withdrawal from Gaza we complicated our situation to a point where it is way above our heads – internationally, legally and politically. There is only one way out of this serious complication: the re-conquest of the entire area of Gaza and the imposition of full military rule, eliminating all the terrorists, and dismantling all terrorist organizations. In terms of the Egyptian position, this is the appropriate time.

In order for the solution to be complete, it will be necessary to return all the Jewish settlements to their original locations, and enlarge them several times over. At the same time, we should work vigorously to rehabilitate all the Jewish sites in Gaza, including the synagogue located in the center of Gaza City.

The Difficult Problem

The problem is that the current Israeli government is incapable of doing this. It is trapped in worldviews that don’t allow doing what is necessary. Only if Hamas begins to attack relentlessly again, might the government be forced, for lack of any other option, to conquer the entire Gaza Strip. And it won’t know what to do next.

This is not only a problem of leadership. This is a much more difficult and deeper problem. It is a problem which lies in the ideological foundation of the Jewish society’s elite, in all its components. The State of Israel should be based on the vision of the Return to Zion, but the Jewish elite flees this grand vision.

Our Responsibilities

The clearer the Jewish vision for Israel becomes, the closer we will get to solutions and at the same time, fewer errors will be made. Ultimately, all the problems we are facing today were created by the mistakes of the Israeli leadership.

When the overall vision cannot be realized, one should always choose the position that further promotes the vision of the Return to Zion – whether it is in elections, or any public educational or informational activity.

And most important, we should be working as vigorously as possible to strengthen the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, to encourage Aliyah, the building of Jewish families, and giving the children in those families a genuine Jewish education.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/208882

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