PA holds ceremony in honor of teen terrorist

The Palestinian Authority continues to glorify terrorists, this time in a Ministry of Education ceremony honoring the 18-year-old terrorist who carried out a stabbing attack near the Tomb of the Patriarchs on Monday.

MEMRI reports that Kalzar al-Awiwi was a student at the Wadad Natzer al-Din high school for girls and that the Palestinian Ministry of Education published a death notice in which she was described as a shahid or martyr.

The ceremony, which took place earlier this week, was held at the school. The head of Hevron's Ministry of Education and Culture, Sami Marwa, was the main speaker, while a number of other senior figures, teachers and students also participated.

Marwa spoke offered the family the condolences in the name of PA Minister of Education and Culture Dr. Sabri Saidam.

The host called al-Awiwi's attack an example of "the cultural and national mission which the Ministry of Education's students and staff fulfill, in the shadow of difficult political and security circumstances." He also said that "this mission embodies the will of the Palestinian people to achieve freedom and independence, in view of the racist actions of the Israeli Occupation Army and its settlers."

The school's principal, Wafa'a al-Karaki, called on her students to continue studying seriously and diligently, like their classmate al-Awiwi, and announced that the school would dedicate its success over the coming school year to her memory.

The ceremony ended with the planting of an olive tree in memory of the terrorist and a condolence call on her family.


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