PA school honors Jerusalem bus killer of three

Officials in the Palestinian Authority (PA) Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education organized a “chain of readers”, a popular way in the PA to commemorate terrorist Bahaa Alian who together with another terrorist killed 3 Israeli civilians on a bus in Jerusalem last October, at a PA school for boys in Qalqiliya.

According to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), the Shari'ah School for Boys posted invitations to the event on Facebook. The invitation bore the PA’s logo, a picture of Bahaa Alian and the title: "Baha is the idea and the idea doesn't die"

PMW reports that the event was held for students in grade 10 "under the auspices" of PA official, District Governor of Qalqilya, Rafe' Rawajbeh. It was organized by the PA Ministry of Culture, the Qalqilya municipality and the municipal library, and held in cooperation with the Qalqilya District Directorate of Education which is under the PA Ministry of Education.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the UN institutions and foreign governments supported a similar event honoring terrorist Alian. Moreover, four Palestinian universities have also glorified Alian with "chain of readers" events.


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