Palmah vets hope to prevent renaming of Sha’ar Hagai memorial

Frustrated by sit-ins, explanations, pleas, protests and media interviews that have not helped, Palmah veterans have called on President Reuven Rivlin to intervene in the planned renaming of a memorial that would forever link assassinated government minister Rehavam Ze’evi to the Harel Brigade.

No one denies that Ze’evi was a member of the Palmah, but he was not a member of those Palmah forces that fought in the Jerusalem corridor to facilitate access to the besieged city during the War of Independence. These veterans consider it a betrayal of those of their comrades who fell in action and the descendants of Harel brigade members who grew up on the legends of their fathers, uncles and grandfathers to have those memories trampled on by a man who wasn’t there. On Thursday, a representative group of Palmah veterans, all in their 90s, turned to Rivlin for help.


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