Paratroopers Deploy on Jerusalem Buses


Hundreds of IDF soldiers were deployed in Jerusalem Sunday, to provide security against Arab attacks on the public transport system, in the face of the current terror onslaught.

Transport Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) briefed some of the soldiers, who hail from the Paratroop Brigade, and used the occasion to relay a message to Israeli citizens. "We are here to guard every single person," he said.

As for the terrorists – Katz vowed that "they will achieve nothing by force, and they will not weaken our grip on Jerusalem and the entire state of Israel."

The Security Cabinet decided last week to reinforce the police presence in the capital.

Over 1,000 IDF combat soldiers were reportedly due to arrive in Jerusalem to aid the police in maintaining public order and preventing Arab terrorist attacks.

The soldiers are to coordinate with the police, and conduct joint operations with police officers.

The Security Cabinet on Tuesday night approved a series of additional security measures to deal with the recent wave of terror. These include an enlargement and expansion of the operational forces of the Israel Police, and the recruitment of 300 additional security guards for public transportation in Jerusalem at a cost of 80 million shekels. These guards will eventually replace the IDF soldiers who have been stationed in Jerusalem following the Cabinet decision.

The Cabinet also instructed the IDF to immediately deploy forces along the sensitive parts of the border fence.


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