Parks authority launches 50 new hiking paths, revamped vision

Spanning the country’s northernmost to southernmost tips, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority has launched 50 new and improved hiking paths for members of all population segments to enjoy.

The 50 hiking paths, some of which are entirely new and others of which are renovated, are divided into four categories: those tailored for families, those meant for hikers, those for cycling and 4×4 travel and those accessible to people with disabilities, the INPA said. All of the routes are set to be inaugurated during Nature Conservation Week, which will be celebrated on the weekends of February 27 and March 6.

“The celebration of the 50 [paths] didn’t come suddenly," INPA director-general Shaul Goldstein told journalists, at a launch meeting for the paths held at Tel Afek National Park on Monday morning.


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