PA’s New Blood Libel: IDF ‘Murdering’ Terrorists

On Friday, quick-thinking IDF soldiers prevented a deadly terrorist attack in the Jordan Valley, responding with lethal accuracy to gunfire directed at their position.

Terrorist Hamad Juma'a Rumaneen was critically wounded by IDF return fire just moments after drawing his weapon and firing several shots at the Israeli position. He died of his injuries soon after.

According to the IDF Spokespersons Division a Palestinian license-plated car arrived at the Bekaot checkpoint, at which point "the terrorist in the car fired shots towards IDF forces" manning the checkpoint. "In response, the (IDF) force opened fire at the terrorist," fatally wounding him.

A photo released by the military from the scene of the incident showed the Carl Gustav submachine gun used by the terrorist.

The weapon used in the attack IDF Spokesperson's Unit

As expected, the Palestinian Authority refused to condemn the attack.

But this time the PA went a step further, accusing the IDF soldiers of "murdering" a "helpless" Rumaneen, and calling on world leaders to condemn Israel for killing him. 

In a statement issued today (June 30), the PA government said it "condemns the murder of the youth Hamad Juma'a Rumaneen (aged 27) from Ouja village, close to Jericho, at the hands of the occupation forces (sic), by shooting him in cold blood as he drove in his car, which resulted in his martyrdom.

"This action is part of a series of crimes of the occupation (sic), which continue against our people, and the (PA) government demands from all the countries in the world not to cease their condemnations of the crimes of the occupation but to take action to immediately end it, and to prosecute Israel for the terror and crimes it is carrying out systematically against our helpless people."

It is not the first time Palestinian Arab factions have attempted to portray slain terrorists as innocent civilian casualties. In particular, during last summer's war between the IDF and Islamist terrorists in Gaza, Hamas and Islamic Jihad regularly attempted to pass off fighters killed by Israeli airstrikes as civilians – often with the willing complicity of international media outlets.


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