Passengers can now board buses from back door too

Starting Monday, Rav-Kav transport card holders in the greater Tel Aviv area will be able to board the bus from the back doors as well as the front door. Instead of paying the driver, they will validate their Rav-Kav cards in the validating monitors.

Following a successful pilot run in several Dan bus lines in Tel Aviv, the Ministry of Transport will launch the program in eight central Dan and Egged bus lines, serving tens of thousands daily.

Transport Minister Yisrael Katz said that the new arrangement will enable buses to shorten the time it takes them to complete their routes and enhance the level of service to customers.  The drivers will not have to spend as much time taking payment from passengers and will have more freedom to focus on driving.

The first buses that will allow passengers to use all doors for boarding will be about 70 buses on Egged lines 71, 76, 171 and 271, and about 120 buses on Dan lines 18, 51, 82 and 125. These are considered to be lines with a large amount of passengers.

In December, the service will be launched in ten additional lines in Jerusalem and its environs.  These include lines 19, 20, 24, 27, 71, 72, 74 and 75. Haifa will then join with lines 17, 19, 28, 111, 112, 123 and 101.

Within a few months' time, the new service will be available on 25% of all buses and serve about 160 million passengers per year, or 30% of all passengers in the metropolitan areas.


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