Pizza shop owner arrested in central Israel for drugging cops

The owner of a pizza shop in Holon, near Tel Aviv, was arrested on Thursday night for allegedly lacing a pizza ordered by two policemen with a drug.

Both men, from the police’s central district, fell ill after eating the pizza and were hospitalized with symptoms of vomiting, body tremors and dizziness. Tests conducted at the hospital revealed that they had imbibed a synthetic drug known as Mr. Nice Guy.

The pizza owner confessed to having laced the pizza eaten by the cops with the drug, Walla website reported.

“I knew the pizza was for the cops, but the guy I spoke with sounded cool on the phone and told me to put whatever I wanted on it,” the pizza owner reportedly told the police after his arrest. “So, instead of oregano, I sprinkled Nice Guy.”

The Israel Police said in response that they regarded the incident as serious and would be requesting a court order to close down the business on the grounds of public safety.

The shop owner was due to appear in court on Friday for extension of his remand.

Mr. Nice Guy is one of several so-called kiosk drugs that have grown massively in popularity in recent years. About a year ago, police announced that they had seized 3.5 tons of the chemicals used to make the drug from a warehouse in Be’er Sheva.


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