Plain talk about the occupation: Time to occupy the Holy Temple!

This week's Torah portion of parashat Tetzaveh features the complex instructions for the Priestly garments that are to be fashioned for the cohanim 'for honor and splendor.'

So much detail. In our generation, so far from the Holy Temple, what purpose does all this information serve?

In this week's blockbuster edition of Temple Talk, our hosts boldly declare that as a matter of fact, our generation is quite close to the Holy Temple! This week's program is brimming with passion and purpose, as Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Chaim Richman plug the Holy Temple into our contemporary reality with unparalleled eloquence.

If you truly want to understand the function the Holy Temple serves in our lives, don't miss this week's edition of Temple Talk! There are more surprises inside, including a response to listener who accuses our hosts of racism. Listen with caution.

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