PM Netanyahu Blasts Media For Latest Attack Against A Family Member, This Time His Wife

The audio released in which Mrs. Sara Netanyahu is heard venting, seemingly out of control, has once again shown the agenda of the local mainstream media in Israel. Mrs. Netanyahu was venting to her media adviser regarding a report by a gossip columnist, an event that occurred nine years ago.

The prime minister said on Facebook that the recordings are “part of a wild and violent witch hunt raging against my family.”

Mr. Netanyahu has come out once again strongly denouncing the report, insisting that since he is successful in the polls, those who would like to see him out of office continue launching attacks to discredit and embarrass family members.

Allies, including in the media, have attacked the release of the video, pointing out a woman lost her temper for a few seconds and vented to a close colleague, nine years ago, and yet this is considered news. Allies called the audio “yellow journalism” and encouraged colleagues in the media to refrain from stooping to such levels, which compromises the profession for all.

In his response, the Prime Minister questioned the value of this “news item”, citing everyone is angered from time-to-time and this is not news, “Except when it is my family, and this makes a news headline and used as a form to attack as part of the ongoing effort to bring down my coalition since they can’t in an election”, Mr. Netanyahu added.

He added “the very same media somehow never reported on his wife’s extensive public activities, her work for children with cancer, bereaved families, the elderly as well as Holocaust survivors. This does not interest them – from this they run and hide… this is despicable, but they will not succeed”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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