Police facing major scandal over another failure by emergency dispatch operators

The Israel Police were hit with another major scandal on Wednesday when it emerged that police did not adequately handle a call placed by two women who saw fugitive Nashat Milhem on a northbound bus just after he carried out a deadly terror attack in Tel Aviv on New Years day.

According to the report by Israel Radio, two women said that they boarded a northbound bus at the Arlozorov bus station and that two or three stops later they saw a very suspicious man get on the bus and sit next to them. The two decided to get off the bus at the next stop and hours later, when Milhem’s picture and surveillance footage of him just before the attack was broadcasted, they realized that the man they saw was wanted for the terror attack that had just unfolded earlier in the day in Tel Aviv.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Police-facing-major-scandal-over-another-failure-by-emergency-dispatch-operators-442955

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