‘Police in need of a root canal’ – Police chief says as new scandal breaks

Police are in need of a root canal due to a series of scandals that have battered public faith in the organization, Israel Police Chief Inspector General Yochanan Danino said Monday, as news broke that another Deputy Commissioner is under investigation for sex crime allegations.

“This incident is a severe one, and the latest in a series of cases that involved senior officials in the organization. These incidents deal a blow to public faith in the public and call for a root canal [of the organization],” Danino said Monday.

If the officer resigns due to the investigation, he will be the seventh at his rank to resign from police amid scandal in a little over a year, and the third because of a sex scandal.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Police-in-need-of-a-root-canal-Police-chief-says-as-new-scandal-breaks-389002

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