Police: Indictments expected in mob war murders

Indictments are expected on Monday in Tel Aviv against eight underworld figures suspected of taking part in three murders in central Israel, believed to be part of a mob war that has seen more than two dozen mob associates killed in recent years.

The suspects, Alon Maimon, Roi Ashuli, Shai Ashuli, Kobi Martziano, Avihel Wahel, Amram Cohen, Lior Grinberg, and Nir Devach, were among 20 associates of the Musli crime family arrested at the beginning of last month for a litany of serious crimes including murder, conspiracy, and firearms charges.

Police built the case against the Musli family – widely believed to be the richest and one of the most powerful crime families in Israel – after they were able to recruit a top associate of the family to become a state witness. The witness was allegedly a former hitman and one of the most feared members of the organization, with an intimate knowledge of their operations.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Police-Indictments-expected-in-mob-war-murders-402651

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