Police Informant: I Survived Three Assassination Attempts

A court witness who had disappeared resurfaced this evening (Saturday), reportedly having contacted his relatives and his lawyer.

The witness testified for the prosecution against crime organizations. Due to his testimony, the defendants were incriminated and convicted. After police informed the him that his personal protection would be reduced, though, the man went into hiding.

The prodigal witness told Channel 2, "I'm scared. The level of danger that I face is above level 6, which requires personal protection. I was saved from assassination attempts three times. I have a bullet in my spine, a bullet next to my heart, a bullet in my hand, and all this was after they tried to verify my death. In the end I want to be safe and protected and not to fear stepping outside. I'm alone – what can I do now? Should I return to robbery? I wanted to leave the life of crime and so I agreed to cooperate."

Police have released a statement claiming that "The attempt to link disproven claims such as these to a free person's decision to disappear is unfounded. Due to privacy issues we are unable to elaborate further. The witness has been protected for the entire period of the investigation and trial, and we emphasize that the treatment of witnesses, including the issue of referrals, is meticulous, organized, and appropriate to what the particular situation requires."

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/200626

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