Police Investigate Facebook Post Asking ‘When Do We Hang Regev?’

The Israel Police have launched an investigation against a Facebook user who cursed Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev and called to put her on trial and hang her.

The user – who goes by the name Sherban Ovadia – posted a photo of Regev and wrote: “When is the whore Miri Regev being put on trial and hung? Has a date been set?”

The post was made after Regev spoke at the Southern Cinema festival in Sderot Tuesday, and announced she would "reconsider" state funding to an Arab-Jewish theater, after a lead actor and co-owner refused to participate in a play in Judea and Samaria.

Regev was heckled by a lecturer from the Sapir Academy, who received applause from the audience. Undaunted, the minister vowed not to grant state support to bodies that work to delegitimize Israel.

"I was disappointed to hear that Norman Issa is refusing to appear with the Haifa theater in the Jordan Valley as part of the play 'Boomerang'," she wrote on Facebook about the popular Arab-Israeli actor.

"If Norman doesn't change his mind, I intend to reconsider the ministry's support for the Elmina Theater, which he manages," she added.

She said that she was happy to see ‚Äčthe commotion that her appearance engendered. “This is pluralism,” she said. Pluralism that will be expressed in Ariel, Kiryat Shemona, Nazareth and Sderot. We will support whoever does not delegitimize the state of Israel.”

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/196542

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