Police investigating threats against President Rivlin

Curses and threats that have been leveled at President Reuven Rivlin via various social media outlets are now being investigated by police, at the request of Rivlin’s security detail. Security has not yet been beefed up, but such a measure is being seriously considered, said a source in the President’s office.

Although Rivlin is no stranger to threats, having encountered them as Speaker of the Knesset whenever he defended the rights of Israel’s minority communities, the recent spate of threats and curses has been much greater in volume and much harsher in nature.

Literally thousands of responses mostly in Hebrew but also in Arabic and other languages have been posted on the president’s Facebook page. The majority of respondents have been supportive of his views, but among those who were negatively disposed to his comments were some responses in both Hebrew and Arabic gave security personnel cause for concern.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Police-investigating-threats-against-President-Rivlin-410889

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